Ways to Increase Your Value As A Man

Why are some men successful with the ladies… and others are total failures? ¬†Is it just a matter of who is better looking, or who has more money, or who dresses better? Do women only like certain kinds of men, and do “nice guys’ always finish last (behind the “bad boys” and the dirtbags)?

The truth is a little more complicated, although the answer is pretty simple. Women will always favor the “high value” man. What does that mean? Well, simple evolutionary psychology tells us a lot about why women like what they like, and why men are as they are. ¬†Men tend to choose their dates, their mates, their sexual partners, based on attractiveness. And let’s be honest here, guys, you know you do just that. ¬†When you see a hot woman looking incredible, dressed to the nines in a tight evening dress, or lounging by the pool in a tiny bikini, you don’t think, “I’d like to get to know her personality to see if we’re compatible. I wonder if she has good credit?” ¬†Your brain doesn’t exactly make the decisions when you see someone attractive. Men are attracted to beauty, to sexual desirability, first and foremost.

Women, though, are different. ¬†You may have heard that a guy who is funny can overcome just average looks with a lot of women, and that is why a lot of comedians who are nothing special to look at can date well above and out of their “league.” ¬†But the fact is, evolutionary psychology teaches us that the PRIMARY thing that women look at, when it comes to choosing a man, is earning potential. ¬†In other words, they look at how much money he has. If he’s broke, he’s not likely to be somebody they’ll seriously consider. Now, there are exceptions. ¬†There are plenty of wealthy cougars out there who have handsome “boy toys” they support, but this happens because the women involved are already well enough off that they don’t need to worry too much about their dates’ earning potential.

But does this mean women are just gold-diggers? Not really, because it’s slightly more complicated than just your bank account balance. ¬†A woman chooses her man based on his total value. ¬†Total value is kind of difficult to define, but it comes down to everything about a guy that makes him worthwhile. It’s the blend of his money, his appearance, his power, his influence, his confidence, the way he handles himself… you could say it is his “man score.” Your “man score” determines just how far out of your appearance league you can date. ¬†Any handsome guy can lie his way into some woman’s pants for at least a one-night stand, but a guy who wants to have good prospects for dating, long-term, can’t just lie about himself. Sooner or later, those lies come out.

So how does a man increase his value, his total “man score?” ¬†Well, there area few ways he can do this. ¬†Your value as a man is kind of a vague concept, but fortunately, this means there are multiple ways for ou to increase it. ¬†And the more value you have as a man, the better off you’ll be in every way, especially when it comes to attracting women who’ll want to date you. When a high-value man approaches a woman on the street, in a store, in a club, or wherever, he has a much better chance of asking her out or getting her number than a low-value male. This is how the game of dating works.

First, to increase your value as a male, you need to invest some time in taking care of yourself. ¬†You don’t have to spend a fortune on designer clothes, but you do need to look decent. ¬†No matter what your body type, some types of clothes are better than others. That means if you’re not Ryan Gosling, you shouldn’t be wearing skinny jeans. ¬†No man looks good in skinny tapered-length jeans unless he’s practically a male model. So avoid anything like that altogether. ¬†The same is true of modern suits (if you’re trying to do the whole “suit up” Don Draper thing) where he jacket buttons very high on the body. ¬†Again, only very skinny men can pull off this look. If your body is a bit more “lived in,” you want straight- or boot-cut slacks and you want a traditional blazer for your jacket.

Take he time to trim your facial hair and remove unsightly ear and nose hair. Pay attention to that unibrow, too, and make sure your beard is neatly trimmed. ¬†You don’t want to show up looking scruffy.

Buy clothes that are flattering and, while they don’t have to be the height of fashion, you want to go for something that isn’t painfully out of style. ¬†Make sure when you leave the house that none of your clothes are damaged or stained or otherwise looking awful.

Take that cell phone off your belt.  Cell phones should be hidden in your pocket or not carried on your body at all.  No man looks attractive with a cell phone on his belt like a holstered pistol in the old West.

When you conduct yourself in public, be polite to everyone. ¬†A man who is polite and confident will come across as cool and self-possessed to his lady. You don’t want her to think you are insecure or have a chip on your shoulder. And don’t try to push other people around to show that you are some kind of “alpha male.” Most women don’t want to be with a bully or a boor.

The number one thing you can do to raise your value with women, however, is to be seen with attractive women. The more women you are seen with, the more you will be perceived as valuable by other females. This is one of the reasons that hiring a professional escort can have so much benefit to your life. It immediately increases your value in the eyes of all other women who see you.


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