At Denver Babes, we realize that the ladies we have working for us are the most important aspect of our business. After all, it is those women that our customers will associate with Denver Babes. We want to make sure that they accurately represent us in order to further our goals and ensure that our clients have the highest level of service.

We often get inquiries from women who are interested in working as a Denver Babe. There is a certain degree of status that is associated with the title of being a ‘Denver Babe.’ Being a Denver Babe means that a woman has met a high standard for a myriad of different attributes that are highly prized. Only a very small percentage of the women that apply to become a Denver Babe are able to do so.

We look for the following criteria in each and every lady who applies to become a Denver Babe:

Stunningly Gorgeous
Of course, each lady who has been chosen to be a Denver Babe is unfailingly gorgeous. We do not mean that she is simply pretty. Instead we look for women who stand out in the looks department in some way or another. Maybe they have skin that is simply flawless. Perhaps their hair is extra shiny and ebony black. Another possibility is that their curves are simply unforgettable. In other words, it is not enough that you are breathtakingly beautiful, you also need to stand out in the looks department with some sort of extraordinary feature.

Mile High Personality
In Colorado, we like to live up to the state’s distinction as being the ‘Mile High State.’ In addition to her fantastically good looks, a Denver Babe must have a personality that is big and personable. In order for you to make the cut and become a highly sought after member of our team, you might be cheerful, kind and outgoing. A can-do attitude goes a long way in the process of getting hired. Because we value our clients so much, we want to ensure that the women they hire are open minded, intelligent and willing to go that extra mile to make these men happier than they have ever been. Additionally, many of the men who contract for your services will be novices at this. It is your job to make them feel at ease and excited to be there. This is task is made easier when you possess the type of outgoing personality that allows you to talk to anyone as you make them feel welcome.

Clean Background Check
One of the reasons why our Denver Babes are so popular with men is that they offer all the benefits of the ‘girlfriend experience’ with none of the issues that so often come with having a girlfriend. In order to assure our clients that they are hiring an escort that is a stable person. The safety and happiness of our clients is very important to our business.

Certified Healthy
At Denver Babes, we also want to help protect the health of everyone involved. That starts with ensuring that all our ladies are able to pass a complete basic physical. Not only does doing so help prevent the passing of any diseases, it also helps ensure that the women have the energy and stamina to keep up with the activities that our clients have in mind for them.

We at Denver Babes also offer our ladies some very attractive benefits for joining the team. They are as follows:

Appreciation for Your Talents
Everyone likes to be acknowledged for their particular talents. You can be sure that the men you interact with will be greatly appreciative of your beauty, style and grace. Many of these men will be lonely and simply want to bask in the company of a gorgeous woman.

Generous Fees
The fees that we charge to the client at Denver Babes vary widely. In many cases, you can set your own fees. This enables you to keep your prices low, particularly when you are first beginning so that you can establish a regular clientele. You are then able to raise them as you gain in popularity. You can also change prices to accommodate special circumstances. Because the men pay you directly, you are always in control of your money.

Protection for You
While our clients are understandably our focus in a service-based and customer-oriented business such as ours, this does not mean that we are not similarly focused on keeping our Denver Babes safe and happy as well. In fact, we take your safety very seriously by having several safeguards in place. Before we allow any client to book time with you, he must pay a sizeable reservation fee using a valid credit card. Upon the arrival of his scheduled time, the balance of the fee must be paid using on agreed upon method of payment. We only allow those men who have a valid, government issued ID and whose name matches the name on the credit card to partake of our services.

Lots of Flexibility
Often the other most anticipated job benefit of being a Denver Babes after the money is that fact that it is so flexible. Working as a Denver Babe is a job that you can fit in around your own unique schedule. Whether you have other obligations such as school and the like, you choose your own schedule to maintain. We want you to be happy and make the type of money you deserve. You can only do so by being able to fit in your appointments with our clients around your own life.

Adoring Attention From Males Everywhere
If you enjoy being the center of attention, then being a Denver Babe is the right job for you. You will be able to see how much your body is appreciated by the men who hire you when you go to work each day. In addition, as you use your immense array of feminine wiles, you will soon get the reaction you desired, often resulting in repeat business.

We encourage you to contact us either by telephone or by using our convenient contact form here on our website to get the process started. We are excited to get to know you as our newest Denver Babe.

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