Touching THIS could make your lady more supportive of you!

The ability to feel what someone is feeling — to feel sorry for them and to be supportive of them — is something that women are notoriously bad at. You can see evidence of this whenever a man gets sick. His woman is generally resentful of his being sick and even makes fun of him for exaggerating his symptoms. This is described by women as the “man flu,” which is supposedly men being big giant babies about being sick. (Scientific studies have proven that men actually do experience symptoms of illness more intensely than women do, because the female sex hormone, estrogen, produces stronger immune systems and this puts men at a disadvantage for becoming more sick and more intensely so.)

The point, though, is that men frequently aren’t supported by their women, a problem as common and as old as society itself. Women will leave a man at the first sign of weakness. If he gets sick and stays that way, if he loses his job and can’t provide for his woman, if something else happens that makes him “less fun” or less potent of a meal ticket, and definitely if he suffers from any sexual issues in the bedroom. A woman will leave a man like that in a hot second, because she simply does not feel that much empathy for him. Now a bizarre new study shows one way you can actually increase empathy in someone… by touching sandpaper?

A new study conducted at a university in Philadelphia claims the “mild discomfort” from touching something rough, like sandpaper, made the test subjects more aware of those suffering discomfort around them. This allowed them to feel more empathy and be more supportive. This is a quality you would want in, say, a nurse or a home health aid. It is also something a man might want in his relationship, although, let’s face it, that isn’t likely to happen.

The experiments had test subjects touch something smooth and something rough in different groups or trials. Then images were taken of the brain that showed activity in those areas of the brain associated with empathy. Subjects were then showed painful images, like footage of people being injured. The test subjects touching rough surfaces were more likely to express empathy and see heightened levels of empathy in their brains.

The fact is, you shouldn’t expect a lot of empathy from your woman because you aren’t going to get it… and it’s not likely you’re going to be handing out sandpaper the next time you have a problem and your lady isn’t there to support you. Most men know that they get exactly nothing out of traditional dating. When you date a woman you are expected to immediately sign up to fix all of her problems. If she has money problems, you have money problems. If she doesn’t get along with your family, you are expected to deal with it. If she doesn’t like some of your friends, you won’t be seeing those friends as much… and she may even punish you for seeing them without her.

Today’s dating and relationships looks a lot like voluntarily signing up for a new boss in your life. Your new job is making her happy, and she, your new manager, doesn’t like being disappointed. Every day you are given a kind of performance evaluation to see how well you are pleasing her. Did you pass the test? If so, maybe she will be nice to you. If you fail, if you disagreed with her, if you dared to displease her in any way, she will punish you. But how do women punish men in traditional relationships? They know that they have the power to take away a man’s peace and happiness. By withholding affection, by giving him the cold shoulder or the silent treatment, by actively being mean and belittling to him, they assert their dominance and control.

Most men work hard, and when they come home to the women in their lives, they just want to be treated right. They want some affection. They want some respect. They want to be supported. But most men who have been in long term relationships live in fear of their wives or girlfriends. They know that if they say or do anything their women don’t approve of, even by accident, they will be made to feel  like enemies in their own homes. Maybe they’ll get kicked out of their bedrooms and onto the couch. Maybe they’ll end up in a hotel. Most of these men are paying for the roof under which they’re no longer welcome… and yet we supposedly live in a “patriarchy” where women are always mistreated, always victims, and never allowed a fair shake.

Well, the fact is, no amount of sandpaper is going to make a woman sufficiently empathetic to you. She’s never going to support you. She’s always going to cut and run when you show weakness and when you can’t do things for her and provide things for her. That is the nature of women. You are a wallet on two legs to them. How well you serve them determines how nice they will be to you. Empathy never enters into it. So is that what you want out of your life? Does that sound like a great way to spend your time? Or would you rather spend some time in the company of a beautiful woman who will never criticize you, never judge you, and never mistreat you?

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