Hard Work in a Difficult Time

Have you ever wondered about the nature of work in the United States? ¬†The escort trade is like any other profession, and it is an honorable one. ¬†To be honest, it could be considered something of a “white collar” (perhaps “white panty”?) job, given that it’s a glamorous profession with few taxing physical demands. ¬†A good escort is expected to look nice, to treat her date well, to be expert at knowing what pleases him, and to be charming company. ¬†She is not working in a salt mine or in a garment factory. ¬†The history of the industrial revolution is sometimes used to criticize the work ethic of Americans. ¬†We are told that Americans work much harder than other people in the rest of the world, that we have a longer work week, and that people in other countries get more vacations.

What should we think about that? ¬†Is it a failure of the work ethic itself? ¬†Being an escort is being part of a service industry. ¬†When you take a man out on your arm you are doing him a service, and of course there is a big difference between an economy built on service and an economy built on manufacture. ¬†The industrial evolution is often held up as an example of what can go wrong when the work ethic runs rampant, and people are more fixed on producing than they are on quality of life. ¬†Usually, this is the point in any debate about this topic where people start complaining about a “living wage.” But what is a “living wage” for a fast food worker might not be a “living wage” for an escort, a waiter, or a dentist. ¬†It’s all a matter of lifestyle and perspective.

During the peak of the industrial revolution, workers were expected to put in long hours under very unpleasant conditions but, worse, they were expected to put in long hours under conditions that could get them killed.¬† So in one instance, just a great example of this failed philosophy of customer service in action, a bunch of employees at a garment factory were locked inside.¬† They were actually locked inside so they couldn’t sneak out and not work, because they were little better than slaves to the people they worked for (and they worked for near slave wages, making very little money in the process).¬† When a fire broke out because of the very unsafe conditions that were allowed to persist at that garment factory, the employees couldn‚Äôt escape because they were locked in.¬† So they all burned to death, and one of the most iconic incidents of the industrial revolution was forever committed to the history books.¬† It was a terrible time.

Then there was the food problems.  Upton Sinclair wrote a book called The Jungle in which he detailed some of the fraud, waste, and terrible practices of the meat packing and food industries of the day.  People would put just about anything they wanted on a label back then, whatever would sell a product.  They would leave off important things on the label, too, and sometimes they would just completely lie about what was in the product.  As you can imagine, lying about a product is a good way to harm people, especially if you are selling industrial grease as butter (one of the product jokes at the time).  It was a difficult time for anybody to make a living, and customer service was just unknown to those people.

Things have changed for the better since then.  We know much more about how to properly service customers than we did, and we understand both how to provide those services and how to present them. That is why this blog at Denverbabes exists.  It is our attempt to provide you with the service you want in the way that you want it, in a manner that makes you more comfortable about using our service, and in a fashion that best presents what we do professionally and with regard to how we are achieving our goals.  We want you always to be satisfied with what you get from us.  We want you to be happy.  We never want you not to use our service because unanswered questions linger in your mind and, honestly, there are no questions you cannot ask us.  If you have a question and you would like it answered, merely contact us.  We will do our best to see to it that all questions are answered and added to these pages, because our desire is to provide the absolute best customer service experience possible.  In a day an age when so many seem to have forgotten the customer service lessons we learned so long ago, during the dawn of the industrial revolution and beyond, we strike to make sure that you get what you have to have, what you need to have, and what pleases you most.  This is our commitment to excellence.  This is the reason we take the time to answer your questions.  And this is the reason we take pride in what we do and in the service we provide.

More to the point, though, we just enjoy communicating with you.  We want you always to know that there are human beings at the other end of this connection, that there are real people involved in this work and that we are capable of addressing your questions, your concerns, your suggestions, and your desires.

That, after all, is the real definition of a “service economy.” It is servicing desire. ¬†It is asking people what they want, and then finding a way to give it to them. ¬†Nothing could be more intimate and personal than finding out a person’s inner desires and then finding a way to bring those inner desires to life, could it? ¬†If we’ve learned anything since the harsh days of the industrial revolution, it’s that things don’t need to be so hard. ¬†We can do better. ¬†We can serve better. ¬†And we can make you happy in the process.


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