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If you’ve been paying attention at all to the flood of popular culture trends in the last few years, you know that there isn’t a young woman alive who isn’t practically glued to her phone at all times.  If you are the sort of person who enjoys looking at pictures of young women, you may have noticed a trend when it comes to shots that some young ladies take of themselves: Their phones are front and center in the photographs, because they’re taking naked or semi-naked “selfies” in the bathroom mirror, or in the mirror of their gym, or in some conveniently placed mirror somewhere else.  In part, this is because everybody’s carrying the same type of camera-equipped phone these days, but part of the trend is also driven by the fact that taking pictures of yourself is the new fad. It’s all the rage and there are terms being invented for it every day.
There are even studies being done about “selfies.” A recent study claims, for example, that a man who takes a lot of pictures of himself (selfies) and then uploads these to social media sites like Facebook or Twitter shows what some consider to be “psychotic” tendencies. I’m not exactly sure how that makes somebody psychotic, and I think that’s probably a great case of a study that comes to conclusions it can’t really support, but people repeat it because it sounds good and makes for a good headline. “Hey, that guy is taking a picture of himself with his phone. He must be psychotic.” And of course we laugh at men who are vain or overly geeky. There is even an accessory that is getting more and more popular, called the “selfie stick,” which is used to take pictures of yourself from farther away than you arm can hold. I’m not sure how that’s good for anyone because you’re obviously holding the stupid stick in your hand when you take the photo, but sometimes these trends defy all logic and common sense.  If it’s popular, it doesn’t necessarily have to make a whole lot of sense, does it?
Well, where social media and taking pictures of yourself are concerned, there is some new news out there that is worth considering where your girlfriend or wife or your friend-with-benefits is concerned, and that is that when you are on the web, checking your Facebook or whatever, or just on your phone, according to the folks at the Pew Research Center, at least, these things aren’t stressful. You aren’t adding to your stress when you do them, anyway.  The study says that girls who use the internet, post to social media sites, take and post photos of themselves, etc., actually have about one fifth less stress than women who do not do these things.
This might not make a whole lot of sense to you because for a long time, we’ve all just kind of assumed that if you use the computer or your phone a lot, you’re going to get stressed out.  And in fact there have been other studies that say using social media can make you depressed. That’s because you see how much fun everyone else seems to have having when they are posting status updates to Facebook and so on, and you think because your life isn’t like that, it must not be as good. So you get depressed because you are envying your friends.  But it turns out that people who use Facebook lie all the time about how great their lives are.  In fact, people tend to use sites like Facebook to create an ideal image of themselves that simply isn’t true compared to the real thing.
Back to the study about stress and social media, though, while women who used social media regularly had less stress, men who used social media seemed to have the same stress as men who didn’t.  That, to me, is what’s odd about the study.  I’ve always assumed that men use computers, games, their phones, social media, etc. as an escape from reality.  When the stress gets too much, they escape into the virtual world. Certainly that seems to be the case with gaming.  But it turns out, at least compared to this particular Pew study, that this isn’t true.
So what does this mean ?
Well, it probably means that if you’re thinking of dating a lady, or if you’re in a relationship with one, and she doesn’t use social media or her smartphone and computer, she probably has more stress than a woman who does not.  Of course, for you guys out there, since it doesn’t matter if you use the computer or not, it probably is a matter of personal preference.  Do you want a woman who’s going to spend your time out with her nose buried in her phone?  That’s the case with many ladies you’ll meet out there (although never with a beautiful professional escort on your arm — escorts know how to treat a lady). You should probably, then, just choose according to what you prefer or… here’s an interesting concept… maybe you just shouldn’t care.
At some point we started letting these stupid studies run our lives.
We worry that we’re not drinking enough red wine, or we’re drinking too much red wine, or chocolate causes cancer, or chocolate prevents cancer, or eggs are bad for you, or eggs are superfoods, and on and on and on.
FYI … You can Never Drink too Much Good , Red Wine ! 💋
Maybe it’s time we started treating all this wacky research like what it is — nonsense that should be ignored, because it’s impossible to really know what’s true when they keep putting out all these studies that keep contradicting each other. And who is “they,” anyway, in this context?  They are just academic researchers.  Who says they’re correct on any given day? Who says their studies were done properly?
It’s time we just did whatever we want .
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