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Do Tattoos Make a Woman Less Sexy?

There’s an article floating around the Internet lately that basically says a woman with tattoos and piercings has some seriously problems compared to a woman who doesn’t.  I won’t repeat the article here, but I can tell you more or less what it starts out to say.  The idea is that a woman who has a lot of tattoos, and especially a woman who has tattoos and piercings, is supposedly more slutty and promiscuous, less sure of herself, and even less interesting (on her own) than a woman who hasn’t sought out these body modifications.  The article goes on to say that a woman who gets tattoos is probably very insecure about how attractive and interesting she is, and she’s using body art to compensate.

Well, is any of that true?  Look, on the Internet, opinions are worth exactly what you pay for them.  This particular article generated enough attention that it actually took down the server where the article was hosted for a little while.  So many people started sharing the article and expressing their outrage that other people went there to do the same thing.  Just like that, the article was a powerhouse, and the opinions of one guy from Upstate New York were all over the web when it comes to tattooed women and what we’re supposed to think about them.

One of the things you have to understand about how the Internet works is that anger and outrage is part of the deal. Specifically, if you can make someone angry enough, you can get their attention.  Online, anger is attention, and attention is traffic.  Traffic is what every Internet marketer lives for.  The more traffic you get, the more money you can make.  The more money you can make, the more traffic you can get.  When these numbers climb high, your influence climbs high, and your ability to gain and generate MORE income climbs higher.

So when a guy publishes an article about how all women with tattoos and piercings are sluts and boring morons, you can bet that he knows he’s going to make people angry. In fact, he’s counting on it.  He needs to make them angry because that will drive traffic to his site. Driving traffic to his site makes it easier for him to charge for advertising and for affiliate marketers.  It’s all a machine.  Outrage and anger is the fuel that keeps the machinery running.  And given time, a steady stream of more provocative, inflammatory articles will be pumped out by the mechanism.

So let’s get back to the question our article asks.  Is a woman with tattoos less attractive than a woman who is not?  There is definitely a discussion among men (and women) about whether having breast implants makes a woman less desirable than a woman who has natural breasts.  Some men say, “well guys don’t care about that, as long as she has a nice rack.” Other men will tell you that it does make a difference if they aren’t “real.” There was an entire Seinfeld episode devoted to that — you know, when Teri Hatcher told Jerry, “They’re real, and they’re spectacular.”  (Ms. Hatcher, back in the day, was pretty spectacular, even if she did suffer down through the years as she got older and started to develop veiny claw-hands and a chicken-neck.)

So does that mean, by comparison, that a woman who is completely natural, that is, does not have any body piercings or tattoos, is better off than a woman who has not stayed “clean” or natural?  That really comes down to a matter of personal preference for most men.  Some men really, really like a tattooed woman.  The human body is a gorgeous canvas and the female form, arguably, is the most desirable form of all.  Who could resist the taut curves of a woman’s body when it comes to making art?  That means to draw beautiful tattoo work on such a canvas only enhances it.

The small-of-the-back tattoo, what some people call the “tramp stamp,” is a great example.  The small of a woman’s back is one of the sexiest spots on her body.  Just placing your hand there makes you think of knowing her intimately, and there is a very good reason for that.  It’s primal.  When your hand is on the small of a woman’s back, it means she has “assumed the position” on all fours.  She’s presenting herself to you, or that portion of her body would not be available to you.  That’s why when a man guides a woman on the street, if he puts his hand there, it’s a very intimate, familiar touch.  It is the touch that says, “I can know your body and I probably will.”

Well, if you put a tattoo there, you are sending another message.  Yes, you are adorning your body with art work that underscores one of the sexiest parts of you. But you are also saying, “This is artwork that you will only see if you are having intimate knowledge of me. This is art that you will get to look at when we are having sex, when we are the most intimate that two people can be with each other.  That makes the tattoo itself inherently sexy, but also says the woman wearing it is incredibly worthy of art of that type.

Now, all of this can be ruined if the woman has a bad tattoo, and there are entire television shows devoted to ink that people got that they now regret. And a bad piercing is just as unappealing.  But a beautiful woman, whether she is a professional escort or just someone you see on the street or someone you know, understands that just as the clothes she wears must be perfect, the ink and the piercings with which she adorns herself must be as worthy of her as she is of them. She will choose them accordingly, and the result will be an enhanced piece of art that fires your desire and makes her look as good as she wants.


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