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Age 25
Height 5’8”
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Polish
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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Nikki wants to become a certified Massage Therapist.
“What I love about massage,” Nikki explains, “is how connected it makes you, not just to your client’s body, but to your own.
To me, the power to heal someone, to help them feel better, is one of the most important strengths a human being can have.
Healers were the most respected and valued members of ancient cultures?
It was the people who could heal, the ‘witch doctors’ and the priests, who could use primitive methods to bring about better health and wellness to members of the tribe, right?
Well, to me, massage therapy is a modern expression of that kind of commitment to helping your fellow human being.
When I put my hands on someone whose body is all tense, all twisted up with stress and strain, I have the power within my own muscles to soothe that and worth that away. I can just put my hands on someone who is suffering, work their muscles, and help ease their tension and their discomfort.
A man comes to me feeling horrible, and when I’m done with my massage, he feels better.
Bringing relief to someone who is suffering may be one of the most noble causes there is. Of course, massage therapy is also very sensual. When I massage someone whose body I find desirable, you can bet I’m thinking about what I can get away with. I’m wondering just how low my hands can go beneath that towel.I’m enjoying feeling the landscape of that body beneath me. And I guarantee that in most cases, my client isn’t complaining at all. He’s wondering where my hands will go next, and he’s enjoying the ride. If I do my job well, he’s having the best time he’s ever had lying flat on a table like that.
Of course, I would be lying if I said I hadn’t turned a few massage therapy sessions into sex with men I had relationships with. It starts out innocent enough, but if you are attracted to someone, you can’t put your hands all over them and not start to get stimulated. When that happens I think the best solution is just to go with it. Let it get out of you. Indulge yourself. I mean, why shouldn’t you? Life is short , and you deserve every opportunity to … Have a Good Time .
Maybe that is also why I love being an escort so much !
So , what are you waiting for boys and girls ?
Let the Games Begin !

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