Natalie, the 26 year old Denver escort believes in enjoying life to the fullest. Alexa enjoys others who love having a good time as well. Alexa is bold, friendly, and very spontaneous and definitely knows the art of surprising you. Her graceful ways can turn you on instantaneously. Call Alexa now and get ready to explore her exotic ways of seducing you.
At 26 years old, Natalie takes the time to make sure that she looks great in whatever she puts on. That being said though, Natalie looks simply arresting when she wears as few clothes as possible. The pictures that we have on Natalie here on our website really do not do her justice as she isn’t photogenic, so you need to call her ASAP so you can see her.
Natalie is breathtakingly gorgeous with her freshly scrubbed, All-American teenager look. Add her long smooth dark locks, her tiny waist and her large breasts, and you will soon understand how great she makes a bikini look. Natalie is not afraid to be adventurous either as she is in training for the local mud wrestling match that is scheduled to occur soon.



Age 26
Height 5’6″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Straight

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Natalie laughs as she explains about the mud wrestling. “I know,” she says. “You’re thinking that’s like something out of a movie. I haven’t quite stopped laughing about it myself. But I just can’t help it. Some people like what they like, and it doesn’t have to be reasonable or make any sense. But I think deep down the reason I like mud wrestling isn’t just because I like to put on a sexy show. I mean, it’s not that I don’t like putting on a show. My body has always given me a lot of sensual pleasure and I like showing it off. But even though it’s fun to know that men are watching me, and they’re turned on by me and my partner doing things on that stage for them, and I love to know that I’m turning them on, it isn’t, for me, about that. It isn’t about that first, anyway. No, the reason I like mud wrestling is that I’m a messy girl. I always have been. I love the feeling of wet, messy things splattered all over my body, like mud, or whipped cream, or things like that. It may be a lot of guys’ fantasies, but that’s okay. I don’t mind if they get turned on hearing me talk about it. I have a lot of fantasies of my own. I want the men I’m with to indulge in their fantasies.No matter what a man’s fantasy is, I want to hear about it. He can tell me and I’ll always take him seriously. I will never make fun of a man’s most private desires. And I think every man, if he is at all sexual, has a right to his own fantasies. I am a skilled entertainment professional and fulfilling fantasies is one of the things I do well. A lot of the guys I go out with have had the same fantasies for years, but they’ve never been with anyone who was willing to help them achieve it. Can you imagine how awful that must be, to live with that unfulfilled desire for so long? When I have the opportunity to fulfill a desire like that, I gladly embrace it. I don’t ever want a man I am with to have things he wants but he just keeps wishing for them. We all have the power to give someone what they want.


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