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Mandy, is a Sexy 22 year old escort in Denver ! 

Mandy believes in enjoying life to the fullest, and she also enjoys others who love having a good time !
Mandy is bold, friendly, and very spontaneous.
She definitely knows the Art of Having a Good Time !

 Her graceful ways can turn you on instantaneously.

Call  now and get ready to explore Mandy’s seductive charms.
Mandy has so many great qualities, you will not know where to look first.
This 22 year old who hails from a small town just outside Denver and has gorgeously long hair that trails down to her waist. Her lovely dark lashes accentuate her large brown eyes.
A petite lady at only five feet two inches tall.
Being a Part-Time Girlfriend gives Mandy the opportunity to be very open minded and explore her bisexuality.
This is something that she found difficult to do living in a small town. Mandy loves to go on couple calls , as well as working with many of the other sexy ladies at Denver Babes when a client requests two or more girls . ❤️



Age 22
Height 5’2″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual

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Beautiful escort Mandy says, “Bisexuality is not a phase to me” !

 I love both , men and women ! Lots of men have this fantasy to see two super hot women together.
I can’t say I blame them.

As a bisexual woman, seeing hot women together, and being with a woman , is something that I find to be incredibly sexy and a great big turn-on.
I don’t begrudge a man that, certainly. But it’s important to point out that I’m not just pretending to be a bisexual. A lot of girls in this industry will do that. They’ll play at it because they think it will get them more attention. I would never insult a girl by pretending like that. I mean, I just adore men. I love how they smell, how they feel when they’re pressed up against you, and the strength with which they put their hands on you and just kind of push you down and take control. I love a man who can just pound me into the mattress with his manhood, grab my hair and have his way with me. But when I think about women, there are so many things I like about them that are the opposite of the typical man. I love the way a woman’s lips feel. They’re so soft and sensual and I just love to brush my lips against another girl’s, feel her lips under the tip of my tongue, and then probe with my tongue a little bit. When a woman kisses you, just deeply kisses you like that with her tongue, that doesn’t get any more sensual. I adore the feeling of being pressed up against a woman’s body, so very familiar, and yet so different and forbidden. And I guess a part of me will always be turned on by the taboo factor of it all. I guess that’s human nature, to be compelled by that.”Mandy admits that her small-town upbringing was a factor in becoming a Denver escort. “I grew up very sheltered,” she explains. “I don’t think you can grow up in a small town and not be sheltered. It was a great place to grow up and be a kid. But when I hit adulthood and I discovered all the delights to be had out there.
I have this overwhelming need to make up for lost time , so I’ve been living life to the fullest.
I just love being an escort ! If this is the kind of “gal” you are looking to spend some time with , then I’m the one !

Call 303-623-6969 now , and let the Good Times Roll ! 💋



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