Hi !
My name is Emily.
I am a 22 year old escort from Denver .
I love the outdoors , and even more so, the indoors.
Take Me on a date in the city or up in the mountains.
Either way , I will be happy and we will Have a Good Time !
It doesn’t take much to make me happy.
I just recently graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder and loves to have a good time and party.
I am graduate of the University of Colorado, and  received an honorary degree in Art of Entertaining Gentlemen.

I will crank up the fun factor in your life.
I enjoy life and I am very popular escort.
I also have a huge mischievous streak that runs strongly through me .
I love playing lots of fun jokes and practicing one-liners.

I am petite escort, tiny Emily is only five feet two inches tall.

At only 22 years old, I still do a great deal on partying.
With my experiences at the University of Colorado, I became an insider to the hip things .
I and still love finding the newest, the hip, intimate little bars , as well as the newest and hottest dance clubs.
Call me and let the games begin ! 



Age 22
Height 5’2″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Straight

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(303) 623-6969



“I may be little,”, “but when I was going to school, I always got a lot of attention. It didn’t just come from the other students, either, although I was pretty popular. You can’t have a body like this and not be popular with college-age men and women.

 I tried women more than a few times.
I think college girls just do that.
We enjoy experimenting with what is forbidden, and we like exploring our sexuality. I know I really enjoyed seeing how far I could push the envelope, how sexual I could be, and who I could be sexual with. I’m really a very charged up person when it comes to my libido. And when I wasn’t getting attention from other boys at college, I was getting it from my professors. There was this one professor, an English fellow who had the sexiest accent. He was married, but I used to love to flirt with him. I would sit in the front row of his classroom, and I would wear the tiniest, sexiest skirt I could. Sometimes I would wear underwear and sometimes I wouldn’t. I would sit there and make sure he noticed me, and I would open my legs a little for him, and I would just let him stare at me.It was so funny watching him try to concentrate and try not to look, knowing he shouldn’t. One day I cornered him in the hallway, in this little alcove near his office. I was wearing a thong that day and an incredibly tiny miniskirt. I dropped my pencil, turned around, and bent over to pick it up. I stayed bent over like that for way longer than I needed to, just giving him a good, long look. I’m telling you, if he had put his hand up my skirt and just started going to work, I would have been okay with it. As it was, showing off for him, trying to seduce him, was such an incredible turn on that I was completely wet by the time I got back to my dorm room. I was never able to get him to do anything with me, but I know he thought about it, and I sure had fun doing it. I suppose it was incredibly naughty and I admire that he was faithful despite the temptation. But I wanted him so badly.”

I am a dirty “lil” girl who loves to date guys and “gals” who love girl like me .
Call me … 303-623-6969 now !


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